Treatment against dark circles


Treatment against dark circles

Many people think there is no treatment against dark circles. Or have tried many products that do not provide any solution. But it does exist, and it is called Molding Contour.

What are dark circles?

The skin of the eyes is one of the finest we have on the body, so it gets more unprotected than other areas. In addition, the pigmentation of dark circles varies according to genetics, so it can be said that inheritance is a very important factor when dark circles appear.

There are three types of main dark circles:

  1. Pigmented: more marked areas of brown coloration.
  2. Vascular: purple coloration.
  3. Tears valley: very marked furrow in elderly people or people who have lost a lot of fat quickly.

How to solve dark circles?

Ideally the best option, is to perform the Molding Contour. It is a facial rejuvenation treatment, based on the Molding Mask formula. A treatment that lasts 8 days, is an outpatient treatment and can lead a normal life, without excesses.