Implants and facial fillers

Implants and natural facial fillers (resorbable)


It is one of the best natural products in the world for implants and facial fillers. So, there are several types:

  • JUVEDERM 1. For superficial lines and eye contour.
  • JUVEDERM 2. To correct superficial wrinkles and lips profile.
  • JUVEDERM 3. For deep wrinkles.
  • JUVEDERM 4. For deep facial skin depressions.
  • JUVEDERM VOLBELLA. For dark circles correction.

For cheekbones increased, chin and hands. It is one of the best products for damaged and thin skin of hands, also it achieves an immediate result in just one session.

Facelift effect with VOLUMA.

Semi-permanent implants

Implants for semi-permanent products, such as Radiesse. Increase fibrosis and collagen in skin by reducing sagging, correcting wrinkles and increasing volume.

This type of implants is used only when there is a large lipodystrophy in the facial area and hands. Whether due to illness or very old age, never in middle-aged or young people.