Molding Mask treatment without surgery


A unique treatment in the world without surgery

For years Dr. Ramón Roigé studied and researched the biochemical, biological and dermatological processes of skin aging, with the sole purpose of finding a formula that would rejuvenate human skin and restore the qualities of up to twenty years ago. That is to say that it would be smooth again, without spots and, above all, without wrinkles. A treatment that is certified by a notary, which does not require surgery and is more effective than others that do.

The main objective of the studies is to avoid deep peelings, dermabrasion and surgery. Together with a team of biologists and biochemists, Dr. Roigé is constantly developing and synthesizing new formulas of the treatment called Molding Mask®. This approach multidisciplinary makes the Molding Mask® a unique treatment in the world. This one, achieves a total and absolute regeneration of the skin, without risk and without surgery.

Currently there are 14 different formulations of the Molding Mask®. They are developed according to the pathology and the needs of each patient in their age range. The experience of Dr. Ramón Roigé is supported by more than 7,000 cases treated, with highly satisfactory results.