Treatment against acne scars with Molding Mask


What is acne?

It is a frequent cutaneous pathology that begins mainly in adolescence. Although it is not usually given much importance because we assume that it is normal at this stage of life, it can have negative consequences for people who suffer from it.

This acne, if it is not treated correctly, it can leave permanent scars.

How to eliminate scars?

They can be eliminated almost 100% – depending on the type of skin and depth of the same – without surgery qith Molding Mask treatment. If the scars are very deep, it could be done in two phases. In the first one, we can achieve up to 70% of improvement, leaving the remaining percentage for the second step that could be done after 12 months.

Treatment that has been done for 25 years

The patient goes through a first study visit and explanation of the treatment.

After the visit, we request a check before the application of the Molding Mask®, which apart from guaranteeing its safety in the procedure, provides a current assessment of its general health status. 


The treatment is usually accompanied by mild sedation, for greater patient comfort.


After the check-up, the patient enters the Hospital where he/she will remain for 10 days.

  • DAY 1: The treatment is performed in the operating room under the supervision of an anesthetist. During the first 6 hours the patient should remain with a slight sleep sedation for a better comfort.
  • DAY 2:The mask is removed and only a few regenerating powders that remain on the skin for 7 more days are applied.
  • DAYS FROM 3 TO 8: Daily cures are performed. It will produce a lifting effect.
  • DAY 9: The treatment is intensified with the application of a final mask that completes the skin’s rejuvenation process, adding texture and elasticity.
  • DAY 10: The patient is discharged completely recovered and transformed, having finished the skin rejuvenation process, with a new texture and elasticity.

In total, the treatment lasts 10 days.


On the tenth day the patient can rejoin his usual routine. You will only need to apply for a few months the exclusive cosmetic line, First Care of Molding Jeneusse, specially prepared for the care after the Molding Mask®. Even if the patient wants, she can leave makeup on.

On the other hand, you should be careful with the sun, using sunscreen after treatment, being able to continue with daily activities and sports even being outdoors, such as tennis, golf etc.

From the 4th month you can start sunbathing without protection for 30 minutes daily the 1st week, 45 minutes the 2nd week and 1 hour from the 3rd week until the 6th month that can be exposed to the sun freely. It is always advisable to take care of the skin, during the solar hours, bring a light layer of sun protection.