Molding contour anti-wrinkle treatment


What is Molding Contour?

It is a wrinkle treatment called Molding Contour. It is a treatment designed particularly to correct the dark circles and wrinkles that surround the eyes. Also applies in those patients who do not meet criteria for a conventional blepharoplasty, they do not have pockets of fat, but presents an excess of wrinkles. In cases where there are pockets, a transconjunctival blepharoplasty can complete the work of Molding Contour. This allows to remove the fat with a fine incision in the eyelid without the need to make stitches.

It is an outpatient therapy that is applied under local anesthesia and in the same consultation. After a first application, the treated area is plugged with silk tape and the patient can go home.

After the first 24 hours, the patient must return to the clinic to remove the small local mask and apply Thymol Iodide powder in the treated area. This powder is applied for 6 days, twice a day. On the 7th day at night, Vaseline should be applied in cream and on the 8th day, the treated area is cleaned leaving the skin young and therefore, without wrinkles.

From this moment, the patient can sunbathe with total sun protection during the first month and start taking it gradually from the second as she has always done, (advising a protection of 20) to prevent and care for the treated skin.

The duration of rejuvenation is only subject to natural aging without retroactive effects.

This Molding Contour anti-wrinkle treatment is unique in the world and only performed by Dr. Ramón Roigé.

Treatment duration

3 sessions in a single week. That is, you only have to go through the clinic 3 times during the treatment process, the rest of the days, you can take them on vacation or continue at work. After this treatment, a normal life is carried out without needing to be hospitalized.

These 3 sessions are:

  1. Day of the treatment, where the Molding Contour formula is applied leaving a small protective mask.
  2. The day after, just to remove the mask.
  3. The last day of the treatment, to clean the manipulated area.