Lip wrinkles: Molding Lip

Molding Lip, treatment against lip wrinkles without surgery.

The wrinkles around the lip can be corrected thanks to the Molding Lip treatment consisting of the reduced Molding Mask formula. The Molding Lip achieves a very natural rejuvenation in the treated area.

Logically, the peri-oral area is an area of ​​lower application that is used in Molding Mask. Therefore, the Molding Lip can be performed in outpatient consultation.

Eliminate lip wrinkles without surgery

Molding Lip- treatment against lip wrinkles without surgery


The Molding Lip formula.

Basis of the formula of the Molding Mask and Molding Lip consists of the combination of natural products with a very low content of chemical that constitutes the exfoliating acid, which is the one that causes the elimination of wrinkles.

The Molding Lip formula, somehow is a reduced formula in its amount and concentration if we compare to the Molding Mask one.
It is a highly experienced formula with a trajectory of more than 20 years and more than 7,000 treatments.

The Molding Lip acts at four leves:

  • Exfoliates the external part of the skin damaged by atmospheric agents and age (oxidation). Getting the skin permeable, to moisturize it.
  • Retracts the skin.
  • Regenerates the skin producing an increase in collagen and elastin.
  • It thickens the fundamental substance of the skin.

The treatment begins with the application of the formula on the skin and is covered with a double layer of waterproof tape. This adhesive tape will be left for 24 hours, after this time, we remove it and apply a regenerating powder twice a day for 6 days. On the 7th day Vaseline cream is applied at night and on the 8th day the area is cleaned. At this time, the patient observes amazed how the wrinkles of the lip have disappeared.

We apply moisturizer cream and 50 sunscreen cream for a month, insisting on that protection every day. After this time, the patient will be able to act normally and the protection from the sun will be the usual, taking it progressively.