hands rejuvenation

Hands rejuvenation: how to recover the skin quality.

Improve the quality of the skin in a few simple steps.

The hands rejuvenation is important, because losing skin quality is more common than we think. Although it is true that there are people who begin to lose quality at a young age, this loss of quality is more common in middle-aged people. The signs of this loss of skin quality are very evident, such as the appearance of spots, dehydration and, above all, loss of volume.

To improve the quality of the hands, there are two treatments, these are: the Mesolift and the injection of hyaluronic acid very reticulated. Both treatments are ambulatory, that is, they do not need hospitalization.

What does each one consist of?


Mesolift treatment consists of a cocktail composed of a mixture of vitamins, coenzymes and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The latter means that it acts at a superficial level to improve the quality of the hands skin. Thus, it helps to provide greater elasticity and providing a jovial brightness.

hands rejuvenation

To achieve this, it is necessary to perform 4 sessions at intervals of 15 days during the first 2 months, and after these, there will be 1 maintenance session each semester, so as not to lose the consistency gained during this process.

Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid

On the other hand, with the second option, and through the injection of dense reticulated hyaluronic acid, – acts more deeply on the skin to recover the lost volume or to gain the one that never had – we get to thicken and hydrate the skin of the hands.

hands rejuvenation

To achieve this total rejuvenation of the quality of the hands, you only have to perform the treatment in a session of 20 minutes, whose result is maintained for 2 years.

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Can you combine the 2 treatments?

There is a possibility of performing both treatments, always starting with the Mesolift. What do we get? First, with Mesolift, we gain more elasticity and brightness in the skin in the first 4 sessions and, later, we give volume, thus achieving a perfect and young hand.


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