lifting without surgery

Lifting without surgery with Vomula Lift:

The lifting without surgery or Voluma Lift, is done with 8 injection points. With these, we get a total facelift of the face, without volume increase, without anesthesia and totally painless. The duration of the Voluma Lift is up to 2 years.

4 of these points are implanted between the cheek and the jaw, between the muscle and the bone. In this way, it projects the cheek and the lower eyelid in an ascending phase and reduces wrinkles between the nose and the sides of the lip, thus producing a lifting effect.

The other 4 points are injected in the lower area of ​​the face: lower jaw, submalar region, mandibular angle and puppet line (commissures). As a result of it, we make a remodeling and elevation of the jaw line. These points reinforce and elevate the mucosa of the oral commissure.

In conclusion, it is a very dense hyaluronic (acts as a glue between bone and muscle), which produces with these points a lifting of the upper, middle and lower parts of the face, without increasing in volume. Highly recommended for people between 30 and 60 years without having to undergo surgery.